Friday, June 23

6/6 landmine kneeling oblique twist
6/6 landmine lunge to press
100m run

12 burpees
12 box jump overs
100m run

12 KB swings
12 Goblet squats
100m run

12 side v-ups (each side)
12 weighted sit-ups
100m run

12 parallette push-ups
12 parallette dips
100m run

Round 2: repeat w/200m runs

Round 3: repeat w/300m runs 

Round 4: repeat w/400m runs

*35 min time cap

Sheina Nilsen
Wednesday, June 21

12 min AMRAP
OH walking lung w/slam ball
Slam balls
Double unders or singles x3


3 rounds:
400m row
15 burpees


Sheina Nilsen
Friday, June 16

30 min AMRAP:
5 wall walks
30 jumping lunges
30 weighted russian twists
20 tuck jumps

*every 2 minutes, do 5 burpees and start back where
you left off


Sheina Nilsen
Fri, June 9

30 min AMRAP
10/10 one arm KB thrusters
10 weighted bulgarian split squats followed by
10 no weight jumping bulgarian split squats (each leg)
20 mountain climbers
20 box jumps


nicole daniel
Wed, June 7

20 DB push press
200m run
20 alt pistols
200m run
20 ring dips
200m run
20 DB squat cleans
200m run

*once complete, immediately start at bottom and work
your way back up to the top


nicole daniel