September Athlete of the Month Cara Allen


1.  Tell us a little about yourself: Age? Occupation? Married/Single? Kids?

I am 40 years old. Married to my high school sweetheart for 19 years with 2 children. Boy - 14 girl- 17. I work full time Registered Nurse (RN) in home health field.

2.  What is your athletic background? Hobbies?

I was a cheerleader and played volleyball in high school. 

3.  If you could program a WOD for CFM, what would it be? 



6 Power cleans 

10 Deadlifts 

Row 200 




4.  What are your favorite meals or "Cheat" foods?

Pizza and sour beer. 

5.  What song do you hope comes on mid-WOD?

I love it all!! As long as its LOUD! 

6.  Favorite & least favorite CrossFit movements? Why?


My favorite is cleans. I  Love the fluid movement and the multiple muscle groups it uses. I love the challenge  of  trying to use them all together in the right sequence. 

My least favorite - Running on hot asphalt. It’s a mental challenge. It burns. There is no technique or way to make this less painful. You just have to push thru it. 

7. What is your next goal?

The most basic moves are most challenging to me. Pull ups, push ups, toes to bar. I want to master these. 



8.  What keeps you coming back to CFM to achieve your goals?


The amazing community of people who encourage each other. Sometimes Mid-Wod  there is a moment of self doubt. -Did I go to heavy? Am I going to finish in time? Can I squeeze in another round?  There is always an amazing group vibe that keeps you moving.          “ good job” “ keep going “ “ get back on that bar”  And you realize - Ya!!! We got this !!!!! 

9.  Any advice to those who are just starting out?


     Ask questions! You are surrounded by the MOST AMAZING coaches who want to see you succeed. Don’t be intimidated or afraid of trying a new movement. Jump in with both feet, stay consistent, and don’t look back. I Guarantee you will surprise  yourself how strong and capable you really are! 


Damon Bruce