August Athlete of the Month Brad T.

1.  Tell us a little about yourself: Age? Occupation? Married/Single? Kids?

I am 34 years old and live in Murrieta. I am a Deputy Sheriff for the Riverside Sheriff's Dept. I have a girlfriend with no children.

2.  What is your athletic background? Hobbies?

I played baseball and wrestled in high school. I have been working out in some fashion since then. I like to mountain bike and watch the Dodgers.

 3.  If you could program a WOD for CFM, what would it be? 

The WOD would be something on the short side. Something like..5 rounds of a barbell complex (deadlift, Squat Clean, Front Squat, Shoulder to overhead,) with 400 meter row between rounds.  

4.  What are your favorite meals or "Cheat" foods?

Pizza and Bear! Ice cream as well.

5.  What song do you hope comes on mid-WOD?

I don’t really hear the songs during the WOD, but Audio Slave-Like a Stone is always a good one.

6.  Favorite & least favorite CrossFit movements? Why?

My favorite is probably squat clean because it's so taxing and quick. My least favorite movement is snatch squat because it's so hard to get good at. 

7.  What is your most recent PR? What is your next goal?

Most recent PR's are stringing 6 ring M/U's and 50 double-unders straight. 

8.  What keeps you coming back to CFM to achieve your goals?

I keep coming back because it's an awesome environment to workout in. It motivates me to work out with people who are pushing themselves.

9.  Any advice to those who are just starting out?

My advise is to stay consistent and be patient when learning the movements.

Damon Bruce