May Athletes of the Month - Amina and Nautica

In honor of Mothers day, this month we have 2 athletes of the month, Amina and Nautica (Mother and Daughter). Congratulations to the both of you!

Amina Saracay

1.  Tell us a little about yourself: Age? Occupation? Married/Single? Kids?

I am 37 years young and I am a Motor Transport Chief in the Marine Corps with almost 20 years of service. I have been with Mr. Crossfit himself(This is what my family calls him 😂) Jonh Saracay Sr. for almost 14 years. We have 2 kids Nautica who is 17(also ATOM) and is currently a Senior at Vista Murrieta, and Jonh Jr who is 13 and a 8th grader who attends to Dorothy McElhinney Middle School. We also have been taking care of my nephew Jacques who is 17 (also known as Bug) who moved here from Chicago 2 years ago, he is a Junior at Paloma High School.

2.  What is your athletic background? Hobbies?

I grew up on the South Side of Chicago were everyone played basketball but I took a liking to Volleyball played all of high school and won a few trophies for my base teams, so if we every play a game at the gym I’m in!  My hobbies include spending time with friends and family and anyone that knows be knows I live for Sunday Brunch with mimosas :)

3.  If you could program a WOD for CFM, what would it be?

I love team WOD's on Saturdays so this is what I would program. 20 Min AMRAP Teams of 2: 50 Over the bar Burpees, 60 Kettlebells swings(1.5/1pood), 70 Alt Dumbbell Snatches(50/35lbs), 80 Crunches, 90 Wall balls(20/14), At 20min mark, 5min to establish 1 rep max Squat Clean per individual for a combine total. *split reps evenly

       4.  What are your favorite meals or "Cheat" foods?

It would definitely be Chick Fil A, or chocolate dipped Icecream cones with fries.

       5.  What song do you hope comes on mid-WOD?
I pretty much dance to all songs that come on in the gym.  I just love music and dancing so you can catch me doing a little jig almost every time you see me.

       6.  Favorite & least favorite CrossFit movements? Why?
My favorite movement would be crunches after having kids I worked on these hard to get back into standards for the Marine Corps now they have become my best friend. I love seeing a workout with crunches because I know I'm about to crush it. :) My lease favorite movement is Squats, because I'm an Amazon and I have to go down so far I feel like. I am getting better though and have come so far since I started. Kind of hate watching Nautica do Squats because she is really good at them while I look like a fish out of water :)

  7.  What is your most recent PR? What is your next goal?
Most recent was my 235lb deadlift, my next goal is to get 50 Double Under unbroken.

       8.  What keeps you coming back to CFM to achieve your goals?
The people for sure, during the week the 6pm class is the best! I really enjoy walking in to see Linda, Laura, Becky and Ali and everyone ready to crush the workout. On Saturday's Krystal is always ready to crush the partner WOD with me. No matter how hard we all do a little mental prep then we get after it.  We are like a family we all see each other's improvements and motivate each other the whole way through.

 9.  Any advice to those who are just starting
Don’t listen to what other people say about Crossfit. I had a lot of people try to steer me away from Crossfit for all kinds of reasons. None of which I listened too, Crossfit is not just a workout it’s a family. The minute you try to doubt yourself, someone who you may not even know will quickly dispel any doubt you may have by saying  "No way you got it!" Every time that has happened to me, I did have it and I'm so happy I did it.

Nautica Welch

1.  Tell us a little about yourself: Age? Occupation? Married/Single? Kids?

17 years old. Senior at Vista Murrieta High school . Babysitter for the Crossfit Kids. Single. Only kids I have are all the kid I watch on weekends and through the week at Crossfit Kid. I love each kid I watch as if they were my own. 

2.  What is your athletic background? Hobbies?

I’ve been in sports since I was 5 years old. I’ve played soccer basketball and volleyball. I took a particular interest and love in soccer. Now I just enjoy working out and doing crossfit. Beside working out, on my free time I love doing makeup and using bath balms. 

3.  If you could program a WOD for CFM, what would it be? 

20 mins AMRAP

200 meter sled pull

20 handstand push-up

20 tire slams with hammer

20 push-ups

4.  What are your favorite meals or "Cheat" foods?

Chicken nuggets is by far my favorite meal in the world. And some of my favorite cheat meals are gummy bear, sweet tart ropes, and cookie dough ice cream !! 

5.  What song do you hope comes on mid-WOD?

Powerful (Remix) by Major Lazer or any electronic song. Every time a beat drop in a song it makes me want to workout harder and go faster.  

6.  Favorite & least favorite CrossFit movements? Why?

Favorite is squat cleans and handstand push-ups! I love squat cleans because it’s such a technical movement it makes me feel accomplished having learned it. And I love handstand push-ups because the more I practice them the better I am getting. My least favorite movement is anything that has to do with the rig! I like to have my nails and hands done and the rig always gives me callous and cracks my nails! 

7.  What is your most recent PR? What is your next goal?

A 175 back squat! My next goals is to get that to 200. 

8.  What keeps you coming back to CFM to achieve your goals?

The competition! Seeing other people in the gym getting stronger and faster makes me want to get faster and stronger. 

9.  Any advice to those who are just starting out?

Every great person once start as an amateur, so never give up because you believe you are not the best! The more you do CrossFit the better you will become!

Damon Bruce