October Athlete of the Month Tisha McDonald

1. My name is Tisha McDonald and I am 35 years old. I'm a single divorcee with two wonderful boys.  I'm an In-home care provider and fitness instructor.  Lately, my fitness career has exploded as I'm teaching many new formats including children's physical education, HiiT, cardio kickboxing and most recently, silver sneakers.  I'm also currently studying to pass my first Personal Trainer exam.

2, Athletically, I never played organized sports. I participated in a couple track meets inside and outside of school. It was my brother that actually made Pro-ball (Cleveland Browns) and in his shadow never considered myself an athlete compared to him. I was the nerdy bookworm.  However, I didn't start to get serious about fitness until I hit the lowest point in my life.  And after having kids, of course losing the weight was a goal of mine but I never found the motivation for it until my life needed saving.  I used fitness as a means to get out of my head and the mental and physical toxic environment I once tolerated and endured. So I started running for T-shirts and medals which gave me something to work towards. And after seeing some of my best friends on podiums, placing in the Top 3 overall, I was inspired  to want more out of myself and thus DO more in order to achieve a higher level of pride and athleticism.  From that point on it was no longer about my dire situation, but about finding my heart and self. I read and collect comic books, Pop Figures, and indulge in single player video games when I’m not dead tired. 

3. If I had to pick a workout it would involve dead-lifts, pull-ups and running. 21-15-9 plus a 200 meter run in between both completed movements. 3 Rounds. (Too much? Ken?)

4. Some of my favorite cheat foods are maple bacon glazed donuts from The Great Maple down in San Diego.They have the BEST brunch. I also love Big League Chewing Gum, grape.  Honestly, any grape gum will do.  

5. Favorite song to workout to in Crossfit? Anything Linkin Park will do! 

6. Favorite Crossfit movement is between the dead-lift and weighted sled pulls.  Least favorite would have to be thrusters. Boy are they a pain!! But, I no longer shy away from them as my fear of them is a symptom of much needed improvement.

7. My next goal is to be able to do a bar muscle up.

8. Honestly, what keeps me coming back is not only the constant improvements made to our gym but more than anything, the micro-culture of Crossfit Murrieta. Just today, another member gave me a single leg pistol tip that changed the game! She didn't have to do that but she wanted to help me improve, a rare trait outside of our gym. The genuine, positive support and willingness to share information and education from the coaches and the members help me to stay consistent and married to the commitment. 

9. My advice to newcomers is most importantly to practice patience,  however if you want to get a head start on performance make the commitment to eat right, NOW. Do your homework in the kitchen. Skills take time and practice but speed and strength can have drastic improvements over shorter periods of time if we’re fueling ourselves with proper nutrition. Nutrition and patience is key. 

Damon Bruce