February Athletes of the Month--Alvin & Lizza Malabanan

feb AOM 1.jpg

1.  Tell us a little about yourself: Age? Occupation? Married/Single? Kids?

Hi everyone. My husband and I are both turning 50 this year. We are both Filipinos. We grew up in the same place and went to the same high school. We have been married for 24 years. We have two kids: Aliya is 23, just graduated from college and Paolo is 21, currently in his junior year in college. They also go crossfitting with us. I've been an emergency room nurse for over 27 years. My husband has been a USPS mail carrier for 12 years.

2.  What is your athletic background? Hobbies?

Unfortunately I don't have any athletic background.  I love watching movies. My husband played basketball until early college. He loves taking care of his fish and dogs.

3.  If you could program a WOD for CFM, what would it be?

5 rounds. 400m run, 15 wall balls, 15 box jumps, 15 pull ups.

Feb AOM 2.jpg

4.  What are your favorite meals or "Cheat" foods?

I love Reeses. My husband loves T-bone steak.

5.  What song do you hope comes on mid-WOD?

Any 80s rock music.

6.  Favorite & least favorite CrossFit movements? Why?

I love back-squatting. I hate running. My husband loves running but is not a big fan of overhead squats.

Feb AOM 3.jpg

7.  What is your most recent PR? What is your next goal?

65 lb back squat. My next goal is to double it. My husband's PR is 115 lb power clean, and his next goal is to go to 155.

8.  What keeps you coming back to CFM to achieve your goals?

We keep coming back because CF gives us a ton of energy that we never felt before.We like to be in a class where the coach can guide us. Most of all the coaches are the best (especially coach Damon, my husband's favorite). 

9.  Any advice to those who are just starting out?

Our advice is to not quit, no matter what age you start crossfitting. We cannot imagine the things that we can do now, the energy that we have after. If we can do it, you can do it!!

Sheina Nilsen