October Athlete of the Month-Antoine LeBlanc


1.  Tell us a little about yourself: 

Age? I am 34.  

Occupation? Military;  The Few and the Proud...USMC! Just made 16 years in.  

Married/Single? Married to my wife Stacey now for almost 7 years.

Kids? Two kids.  A son, Logan, who is also in the Marine Corps and about to be 21; and my daughter, Ariana, who is 13 going on 25 .

2.  What is your athletic background? I never played sports in high school; I was in the band  .  From the age of 18 the Marine Corps is all I've ever done.

Hobbies? Motorcycle rides; working on my vehicles; working out at CFM, working out at all, running, swimming, snorkeling, going to the beach, traveling, and of course leading Marines.

3.  If you could program a WOD for CFM, what would it be? It's one I actually saw a long time ago...

21-15-9 complex 

Deadlifts.          Cleans.            Snatches.     

8                         7                       6

6                         5                       4

4                         3                       2


Pull-ups.            Chest2Bar.      Bar muscle up

8                         7                       6

6                         5                       4

4                         3                       2


4.  What are your favorite meals or "Cheat" foods? Favorite meal I'd have to say seared ahi tuna with some sweet potatoes and steamed mixed veggies.  Cheat food I'd have to say Sweets!! Anything sweets...ice cream, brownies, cookies, chocolate....I'm a fat boy at heart. 

5.  What song do you hope comes on mid-WOD?Slipknot - Duality  

6.  Favorite & least favorite CrossFit movements? Why? Favorite are gymnastics movements and anything else cardio.  Least favorite I'd have to say cleaning and snatching.


7.  What is your most recent PR? What is your next goal?  I believe it was Clean & Jerk at 205#.  My next goal is to be able to do strict ring muscle ups.

8.  What keeps you coming back to CFM to achieve your goals?  I love everything about the box.  The athletes, the coaches, the camaraderie between us all, and of course everyone shooting for their best times/reps.  I love the competition.

9.  Any advice to those who are just starting out? I'm guilty of this......but give it time.  As much as you might want to put more weight on the bar or force a movement, don't rush things.  Focus on form and the rest will follow.

Sheina Nilsen