What is CrossFit?

The program is aimed to reshape not only the way you excercise, but the way you eat, the way you move, and the way you think. There isn’t a decision made throughout our day that isn’t influenced by our understanding of CrossFit, and it’s that understanding that drives our passion for the program.CrossFit is all about challenge. Rather than chasing your own fitness goals, CrossFit challenges you to outperform the athlete next to you, and that contest can last a lifetime. Everything from the type of fuel we put into our bodies to the clothes we put on our backs is judged according to how it will affect our performance in the WOD. The way we raise our children and envision their future is directly influenced by the physical, mental, and moral pillars that CrossFit is founded on. In a world of “good enough,” CrossFit is daring to set the bar higher.

Why CrossFit Murrieta?

Every day, people look for ways to make their lives easier.  Modern businesses develop technologies that let our minds, bodies, and morals grow sluggish from lack of use. As life in the modern world provides more and more crutches for people to lean on, it’s communities like CrossFit Murrieta that challenge us to live with the intensity that makes living worthwhile.

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Ryan Nilsen

Ryan Nilsen has been in the military and law enforcement for over 10 years. Ryan has been CrossFitting for 8+ years. He was first introduced to CrossFit in the Marine Corp and use CrossFit to train his Marines. Since that time, Ryan has devoted himself to learning and teaching CrossFit.  He has certificates in Level One Training,  Football, and Olympic Lifting.

Sheina Nilsen

Sheina Nilsen is a Ph.D. Candidate for Industrial and Organizational Psychology and is working on her dissertation. She works at Partners In Leadership, an organization that provides accountability and culture change training. Sheina has been doing CrossFit for 7 years and has certificates in Level One Training, CrossFit Kids, Gymnastics, Powerlifting, Endurance, & Olympic Lifting.